Thursday, 27 January 2011

Some day even your mistakes just work!

Today has been a good day, I have had plenty of play time at the torch, and done a good deal of my 'to do list' for today too.  I have four large focal beads cooking nicely in the kiln, and even today's accidents have been happy ones, I picked up a stringer (thinking it was dark amethyst) to add some final detailing to one of the beads.  Detailing complete I thought I'd bake the bead in a reducing flame (propane rich to make all the colours pop), only to find that the dark amethyst was actually a stringer of Triton left from my previous torching session.  Triton is a lovely reactive glass that turns rich metallic shades of blue and purple when placed in a reduction flame, and as it happened it was just what this particular bead needed.  I'm just praying to the kiln fairies that they'll be kind and it is still as pretty in the morning!

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