Monday, 21 January 2013

Tomorrow I Fight Again!

I posted a while ago now about a fight I had - I didn't exactly win.  My adversary was the 'pop up' light tent, which I bought to improve my photos.  Since the brawl to get it back into its ridiculously small bag it has sat wedged behind a wardrobe - not I hasten to add, in the said small bag!

Since that time some months ago I have practiced patience and waited (sometimes for a number of weeks) for sunny days on which to get outside and take my photos.  However, after yet another bleak weather forecast with no mention of sunshine, I have decided to be proactive and have set myself the challenge of setting up the light tent and capturing some images using daylight bulbs!  Still scared emotionally from my previous bout I am already finding little house hold chores and distractions that may yet take priority!

 Yet fight I must, I owe it to the beads - this poor little chap was snapped on a rather grey day - wish me luck?


  1. I HATE taking photos!!!! Why is it soooo hard?
    Your photos always look pretty damn good to me Gay :)

  2. You are too kind Donna! I'm already finding lots of little jobs I didn't know I had to do - even cleaning the cooker is looking more appealing than tidying the junk room and setting up the light tent!

  3. Instead of wrestling with your light tent lookfor Modahaus. They make a stand and mobile studio. Plastic, foldable and easy to use. Anna has the smallest, perfect for beads, I have the 2nd size which is better for jewellery item. Pretty inexpensive and very versatile. My light tent is retired, hurt, into a drawer to collect dust.

  4. Thanks Janet - will get onto that and have a look. Failing that I was thinking of butchering the light tent and making something smaller from the parts - Blue Peter sytley! xxx