Saturday, 3 May 2014

Cim Ginger v Effetre 255

Well following my last blog about my need to find a suitable replacement for one of my all time favourite glasses, I had another little glassy emergency.  My 'Ladies What Lunch' beads and my 'Betsy Bird Head' beads largely have faces made using CIM Ginger.  Now recently it has been in short supply here in the UK, and when Tuffnell Glass's last delivery didn't include any Teresa suggested a few alternatives - they really go the extra mile to help.  So I left Tuffnell's with the glass I had gone for - a lot that wasn't on my list and a new CIM Ginger alternative.

I was eager to test the Effetre Silver Pink 255 as my stash of CIM is at a pitifully low level of two and a quarter rods! When I first pulled the stringer I was surprised how pink the little gather at the end had gone, when compared to the colour in the rod.

The two beads on the right hand side are made with CIM Ginger and the two on the left with the Effetre Silver Pink 255.  It is a little paler as a fleshy tone when placed on white, but proved to be a suitable if not slightly subtler alternative.  I will continue to hunt for the CIM Ginger, but now at least I know there is an acceptable and hopefully more constant supply of an alternative.  I'd love to know what other people think of it, so do please let me know. Enjoy your melting.

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