Sunday, 3 March 2013

Papering over the Cracks!

Ok so I had some really tatty looking jewellery busts - I bought them off ebay and didn't read the blurb properly they are tiny and to be honest a little useless!  That'll teach me!  Anyway I decided to try and tart them up a bit.

The first thing I did was to cover the busts with torn paper and pva glue.
You can see that I wasn't too careful about how I applied it. The only thing I did was to make sure it covered the whole of the busts and that I didn't use coloured newsprint.

It was at this point that the very important next step had to be followed.  This is the most important step of any re purposing, up cycling or generally faffing about with bits and bobs. - HAVE A CUP OF TEA AND WAIT FOR THINGS TO DRY!

Next I applied some old emulsion paint - I applied it with a dry brush and quite sparingly.  Once this was dried I added some gold paint detailing before waiting for it dry once again.

The final stage was to brush varnish over the whole thing - I chose one with quite a light stain this time in the past I have used one with a darker stain for a more aged effect.  Wait for it to dry and dress it with some of your lovely handmade jewellery!


  1. We northern women know how to make silk purses don't we ;) they look fabulous

  2. Ooh! Brilliant idea :D thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you ladies. x

    The ones with darker varnish that I did before look much better I used old music print too rather than newspaper. x

  4. Hi Gay! They look good! I have a very large torso type bust with mosiac tiles all over it I might might need to do something like this too it!! Thanks for the idea I so want to use it but thought nothing will photograph on it!! E x